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Goose Rye Road


In the 19th century, the land either side of Goose Rye Road was commonland.This meant that local people would have had the rights to graze livestock, to cut and take wood, reeds, heather and bracken, and to dig turf or peat (for domestic purposes).I presume that they would have exercised these rights as an important part of their lifestyle.As a result the land would probably have been relatively open heathland.Today these rights are rarely exercised by people, and as a result the land is thickly wooded.

There are a few well-spaced houses on the northern side of Goose Rye Road, just after it branches from the Guildford– Bagshot Road.  Those closest to Rickford are covered on these pages as follows:

  • Stonebridge Cottage

  • Rickford Cottage

  • White Lodge

  • Great Oaks

  • Cecilia Cottage

  • Holly House

  • Blanket Mill Farm

  • Little Rickford

  • Cawood

  • Layton Cottage

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