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The Mill Area

Possibly the earliest buildings in Rickford, The Mill and Old Millhouse have been well known features of the locality for centuries.  They were built on the banks of the Hoe Stream, where the Guildford-Bagshot road crosses it.  There are 3 other mills within 2 miles:  Blanket Mill and the two mills in Pirbright (originally called Upper Mill and Lower Mill, but now Pirbright Mill and Heath Mill).  All of these mills were driven by the Hoe Stream, or by its tributaries.


The buildings covered in this section are:

·        Rickford Mill

·        The Old Mill House

·        Rickford House (next to The Bakery)

·        Rickford Cottage (now demolished)

·        Heatherbrook

·        Olive Cottage

·        Brook Farm

·        Norton Farm

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